OmniROM Marshmallow Nightlies Are Underway

With the release of Android Marshmallow (android-6.0) in October 2015, OmniROM has officially begun nightly builds for our supported devices as of January 10th, 2016The following devices have been included for nightly support:

The following devices will be added in the next several days:

As a result of the time gap between the AOSP and Omni Marshmallow releases, along with the now well-known changes in Marshmallow, users will recognize the Settings layout from previous versions of Omni. Many of the features from previous versions of Omni have returned as well:

  • DSPManager with xplodwild’s Stereo Wide Effect
  • Status Bar Network Traffic Indicators
  • Silent Mode (separate from Do Not Disturb mode)
  • Ability to “unlink” notification and ringer volumes
  • Separate Lockscreen Wallpaper
  • OpenDelta OTA System Updater
  • Support for SuperSU in System Settings

Along with these previous features come several new and innovative features introduced with the android-6.0 branches of Omni, such as:

  • OmniJAWS (Just Another Weather Service)
  • Weather in Notification Header
    • Long-pressable, custom locations, unit settings, etc.
  • Enhanced Do Not Disturb mode
  • Dark UI toggle

With the release of Android Marshmallow, Google also began monthly security releases aimed to address various CVE vulnerabilities. The team’s goal is to have the security patches merged as soon as possible after AOSP source posting. To date, the team has had the merge completed within 24-36 hours after release.

A few other minor notes to keep in mind regarding Marshmallow nightlies:

  • OpenDelta only actively supports TWRP recovery for automatically flashing Over-The-Air updates. All other recoveries are unsupported and may not function correctly.
  • Systemless SuperSU is the only current method to root official Android M nightlies
    • Systemless SuperSU must be re-flashed after every OpenDelta update
  • Bug Reports and Feature Requests can be submitted via the Omni Jira Bug and Feature Request Tracker
  • All nightlies are SELinux enforcing
  • Encryption is the user’s choice

We will endeavor to keep you posted on new devices receiving Marshmallow support, but in the meantime check out our IRC chat, XDA forum section, and contribute your ideas.


Author: jerdog

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